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Born 1983 in Macclesfield, England. Austin is a researcher at the Royal College of Art, Design Interactions department and co-founder of the FOM design awards.

His work takes an experimental approach towards design; often leading to the development of new methodologies that generate alternative perspectives and challenge the status quo.

‘Electric Money’ was developed during an Intel sponsored research brief that ran at the Royal College of Art within the Design Interactions department. The scenario presents a dystopian future where electronic money has been hacked and a new system is implemented.

Electric money is an alternative monetary system that uses kWh as ‘currency’. The benefit of this system is that cryptography isn’t required to protect the system, as electricity is a form of power which can’t be created or destroyed only converted.

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One of Alex's current generating devices. The device is based on a simplified sterling engine; by placing a hand over one of the tin cans, the air inside expands due to the rise in temperature. The expanding air pushes a magnet suspended in ferrofluid through the straw, which in turn creates a small current in the wire.