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Born 1983 in Macclesfield, England. Austin is a researcher at the Royal College of Art, Design Interactions department and co-founder of the FOM design awards.

His work takes an experimental approach towards design; often leading to the development of new methodologies that generate alternative perspectives and challenge the status quo.

When time becomes the antagonist to our ideas and the ever increasing expectations of success inhibits progress; How can we relieve that constriction and allow our minds to think and not worry.

The relativists clock places each historical significant achievement within modern human history in order of age. That is; the age of the creator at the point of the significant discovery or achievement. When we analyse history in this way during all the 7 ages of man, someone, at some point in life, has done something astonishing. Perhaps everyone has the potential to create something brilliant - given the time.

Glitch Fiction exhibition: